How communications can help your organisation generate more income

A recent Granicus survey illuminated where public sector communications teams are today in terms of the need and ability to commercialise their services, evaluate the impact of their activities using financial metrics and help others within their organisation bring in more income. The results pointed to three potential paths forward that all require change.

Download this whitepaper to learn how public sector communicators are responding to the challenge of budget cuts by bringing in their own income and supporting teams across the organisation to adopt a more entrepreneurial approach to operations. Through analysis of the survey results, 12 case studies and 2 opinion pieces, you will learn how you could address funding challenges at your organisation with the help of strategic communications.


In this Whitepaper, you'll learn:

A snapshot of income generation in the public sector and the role that communications plays.

How 12 organisations are generating income and saving money with strategic comms support.

Actionable tips to using communications to impact financial metrics.